Miralon: An “Agri-hood” Community

Based out of Boston, MA, Freehold Communities is in the process of transforming what it means to be a neighborhood across the United States. One of these projects, Miralon, in North Palm Springs, California, is overhauling an abandoned golf-course and surrounding areas into one of their model Vital Communities™, popping up in other states including Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida.

Freehold Communities’ philosophy revolves around a newly developed concept known as a Vital Community™. To achieve this sustainable title, the community is based on (5) key goals:

  1. Healthy Living – Walking trails, resort-style pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, exercise centers and community gardens all promote fitness and well-being.
  2. Engagement – Sidewalks, front porches, public green spaces and activities are designed to build and strengthen neighborhood relationships.
  3. Connectivity – Elements like Wi-Fi, apps and fitness tools improve the quality of life and bridge the gap between neighbor and community.
  4. Stewardship – We preserve natural resources and make the most of the land before, during and after our communities are built.
  5. Design-Forward Philosophy – Varied streetscapes and unique home designs create a signature look to inspire each community with timeless appeal.

The idea revolves around collective energy and improving the quality of life for residents. In-depth research that goes into each community meets the unique trends of the local markets while maintaining the natural beauty and character of the area. The contracted designers share in this philosophy and produce timeless homes and innovative outdoor spaces.

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Coming in Early 2018, the community spans 309 acres with 1,150 lots available for single and multi-family homes starting around $300,000. The use of solar panels, though controversial in cost increase, would constitute roughly 40% of the home’s energy consumption. This sounds great and all, but what makes it truly unique? What makes it different from any other gated community in existence?

Thousands of olive trees.


With the planting of thousands of olive trees where there was once manicured golf course grass, the community is allowing a sustainable grove to flourish in the desert sun.  Being water-wise trees, these are ideal for the drought-prone landscape and will utilize drip systems, as not to interfere with the windy atmosphere. This grove gives back to the community by providing an endless amount of olives to produce olive oil, farm-to-table style. So while you are enjoying your meals at the Clubhouse or in the privacy of your naturally lit, open floor plan residence, the olive oil used comes exclusively from the property itself. Pretty cool, huh?

Each community offers different resources and sustainable farming plans to meet the needs of the specific locations. So while we scramble around various grocery stores in search of the best olive oil, residents of Miralon enjoy the fruits of their own community.

Gated, sustainable farming communities like Vital Communities™ are popping up all across the States. It is thrilling to see this new-age collaboration of ideas, lifestyles and design efforts. With the preservation of natural landscapes and the overall increase in people’s quality of life, this model is sure to be an integral part of urban redevelopment.

No doubt challenges will arise with these developments, but it is a fantastic start to renovating otherwise wasteful uses of public lands and natural resources.

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