A Flicker of Light in the Heart of Darkness

This morning, as I was browsing the internet for solar companies, I came across a truly electrifying organization that captivated my entire being. I would like to share their story and success with you today.

“Clean, affordable energy is possible for everyone… empowering families, businesses, and the leaders of tomorrow with technology to create a brighter, greener future.”

Their mission statement resonates profoundly with me. Founded in January 2012 by three visionary entrepreneurs (Xavier Helgesen, Erica Mackey & Joshua Pierce), Off-Grid:Electric developed a bold solar solution to light the “off-grid” world with innovative technologies and techniques, faster than ever before.

Today, 1 in 5 people live without electricity and most either suffer from expensive, unreliable power grids or none at all. This fact brings me to tears, as we take the basics like affordable, available energy for granted everyday in the developed world.

For those lacking such access, Off-Grid:Electric came to their rescue. They provide clean solar energy grids in sub-Saharan Africa, capable of generating power for 50,000 people per month (allowing more people access each month). They empower locals to join in the effort to expand these grids with in-house recruitment, training and employment. They give electricity to sustain life.

By accessing clean energy, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and black carbon, replacing hazardous kerosene lamps with powerful LEDs, offering employment opportunities for locals, and creating financial inclusion, communities in many African nations are thriving, transforming, and prospering. Off-Grid:Elecctric‘s impact emanates from their fundamental belief that affordable, clean energy is available to everyone and the results are revolutionizing communities and the quality of life for thousands of citizens.

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How are they doing this, you may ask?

There are three core ideas that enable their solution to be both effective and efficient:

  1. Energy ecosystems. These consist of the world’s most efficient LED lights & appliances, optimizing the solar grid’s output capabilities.
  2. Leapfrog technology. Using technologies from the electric vehicle industry and major solar, they created modular systems with hardware that is easy to upgrade. This ensures that the latest technology upgrades are always available and accessible to all customers.
  3. Built to last. Not only are they building some of the most efficient tools designed to withstand even the harshest conditions on Earth, they invest in the provider-customer relationship, creating trust and faith in a better life.

Off-Grid:Electric is opening the doors for these developing nations to unlock unlimited and efficient solar power while reducing their overall impact on the environment.

With more people benefiting from this amazing company’s innovations every day, this model can easily be expanded and outsourced to other nations where sunlight is abundant. In the heart of darkness, Off-Grid Electric brings electricity, power and progress to people often ignored by developed countries. This incredible team pours their heart and soul into sustainably improving the lives of people today to guarantee the livelihood of their communities tomorrow.

I salute you, Off-Grid:Electric, for your hard work, dedication & overall impact thus far!

May you continue to transform the lives of many & inspire people everywhere to get up off the couch and make a difference that extends beyond his or her own life.

No one should ever have to live in darkness and doubt.

Check out this short video and see the difference for yourself!


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